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Join us for this weekend’s event


We’d like to first wish everyone a happy new year! We expect this year to be a huge year for Storm United as we schedule and plan for the official release. To celebrate the new year, we’ll be holding a few events this weekend. See below for the event details:

  • Euro Event – 1/2 @ 9pm (GMT+1)
  • U.S. Event – 1/2 @ 9pm (EST)

Feel free to take screenies of some of the action and we’ll feature them on our Twitter and Facebook pages. In the past week, we have made some solid progress in the first person spectator mode. A small preview of it can be found below and is expected to be included in the next update. We are looking forward to the next patch release and will continue providing small updates and previews on our progress. Hope to see you guys at the event this Saturday!

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