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Want a free Storm United key to share with a friend? We are more than happy to reach over 300 reviews on Steam, but we want to hear from more of you! Simply leave a review on Steam or IndieDB for a chance at a free Storm United key. Tell us what you enjoy in Storm United and what you’d like to see in the future. All reviews must be written after today to be eligible for the promotion. Winner(s) will be contacted shortly next week.


We also have a small update regarding the next patch release. Due to a few issues with some of the new content, we have pushed it to next week. We are, however, giving you a mini preview of what’s to come with the update! See below for details.

  • New Hacker item, the Energy Pad. Once placed on the ground, step on it and you’ll instantly regain Energy.
  • New spectator mode, allowing you to spectate the participating players on the map.
  • Knife melee weapon and XEMP item will be available to all classes.
  • A new infinite weapon scrolling option – allowing you to infinitely scroll through your weapons.
  • A new zoom toggle option – you no longer have to hold the right mouse key to remain zoomed.

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