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New update details and weekend events


This week we released a fresh new update filled with new features, tweaks, and bug fixes. Major new content included a third person spectator mode, the Hacker Energy Pad, and an objectives panel – explaining the particular game mode set on the server. We also paid special attention to the Linux build so Linux users can expect to see some significant performance improvements. The (extra long) release notes for the update can be found over on Steam.

With yet another update out, we believe it’s time to hold another U.S. and Euro event and this time over the Thanksgiving weekend. Make sure to hop on the new Teamspeak server ( and say hello if you are able to make the events! See below for the event details:

U.S. Event

  • When: 11/27 @ 9pm (EST)
  • Where: Dedicated U.S. Server

Euro Event

  • When: 11/28 @ 8pm (GMT +1)
  • Where: Dedicated Europe Server

Last but not least, we are running a huge 75% off sale on Steam. Players can pick up a copy of Storm United for just $4.99. Those who are feeling extra generous can purchase a 4 Pack for just under $15 and share the extra copies with their friends. The promo will end early next week so jump on it while you can! We hope everyone had a happy and memorable Thanksgiving and will see you all in-game this weekend :)

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